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Four a.m. came awful early this morning.  I gardened all weekend.

My back and neck are a little sore, my thumb is aching with arthritis pain, my back is sunburned and I have never been happier.  I am so thankful I could get down on my knees in the dirt, haul bark chips, carry planters up the stairs and till the dirt by hand with a shovel.

Being in shape allowed me to move around in my yard Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The pain I am feeling is temporary but I will reap the benefits of my garden all summer.

The other exciting things is that I have jagged dirty nails.   Forget the fact that I bought gardening glove and only wore them for about thirty minutes!  I have not had nails for two years.  I had a vitamin deficiency and my nails would not grow.  I am so excited to have nails to get dirty.

I am starting the week a little achy and tired but so excited that I am healthy.  Going to the gym this morning to exercise is a good thing.  I have always heard that perspective is how you look at things.  I am choosing to look at things in a positive light this morning.

How are you this morning?

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