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Well, I must say I am a little disappointed in my ability to get “it” all in this week.  I had such great plans early in the week and because I had many unexpected things come up (Candace to the doctors, moving to the new locations for our gym, working late at night two nights, dinner out with a friend) I have had to let it gooooooo.  It has been an emotional struggle but feel I have grown.  I know that I cannot get up at 4:00 a.m. and be my best for my family, my clients or myself.  I need my sleep.

Balance sometimes means being flexible and letting go of my expectations.  I plan this weekend to spend some time getting organized for the next week and hopefully my blog will not be what is suffering!

I am running a trail run at Battle Creek this weekend. It is the first time I have run 5 miles.  Rather exciting!  I will have pictures and stores to share!

Peace to you this weekend.  Have a healthy restful time.


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To blog or not to blog

The last couple weeks have been very stressful for me.  I had realized I was not getting enough sleep and something was going to have to go.  When I examined my priorities, I realized that my blogging at 4:30-5:30 a.m. was the easy thing to give up.  I had been so dedicated to journaling  five days a week and had a struggle letting it go, but knew I must rest to be my best each day.  So I let it go and now I can see it was the right thing. 

Everything you read shows how important it is to sleep and rest your body.  They say if you have to choose between sleep and exercise, choose sleep.   Lack of sleep can inhibit weight loss, increase mood swings (which I don’t need), impair healing and brain functions.

I am choosing to do what is best for my body which I know will make all of life run smoother!  I will blog when I can and let my performance anxiety go!

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