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The Journey Heart

Asheville, North Carolina is where my sister, Susan, lives.  It is a four-hour drive so we don’t get up there often.  We love to go see my sister and her son, Eldridge and sit on their back deck eat, discuss life and love.  We also like to go into the small town of Asheville and visit all their art galleries.  Asheville is the home of many craftsmen. 

Last time we went I came across this heart and saying.  It spoke to me and I bought a few and have it in my little blogging closet sitting on the shelf to remind me about what this journey is all about.  The heart is not pretty, it is rough, looks a little battered but the spiral in the middle draws your eyes away from the ugliness and makes you look a little deeper.

Journey heart 017

The Journey Heart

The card that  came with it reads:

The most ancient of all symbols, the spiral honors life, growth, and the soul’s journey.  Each turn brings us nearer to our center and to a higher level of spirituality and connection to our Creator.  May your journey be light.

There are few that I know that their journey is always light.    I have enjoyed the light times in my journey but know that in order to have a beautiful Spring you must have Fall and a very cold Winter.   This last Summer seemed like a very bad Winter in some areas of my life.  The sun would occasional shoot out and give me hope of Spring.  It is still Winter for me but I feel renewed hope that Spring is coming.  I got a large warm ray of  hope this morning.  

 One thing I have learned with age, don’t let the Winter in one area of your life take over and cloud all of your life.  I am so blessed with joy and peace because I can see the whole picture.

(The definition of hope:  the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best)

May your day be filled with hope as you travel on your journey.


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I am back

Kayla made this for me as a screen saver for my iPhone.

Kayla made this for me as a screen saver for my iPhone.

I am back after a long silence.  In the past I would have felt the need to explain my silence, but I realize that part of what was keeping me from writing again was thinking I had to explain.  Well, I am back and for now I am not explaining.  I have missed writing and missed reading others blogs.  Blogs have encouraged me, made me laugh and educated me on the healthy life I am learning to live.

I love Fall.  We have started running and walking on trails and it is amazing to be outside and see the leaves falling and breathe Fall cold air!  Lovvvveee it.  I fell in love in the Fall so it will always be my favorite time of year.  Ginko trees with there bright yellow leaves will be turning soon.  I can’t wait.

So, all that being said.  Hi again.  Hope to reconnect and get my heart out there and hear yours!

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The Whole30® Program

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