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My body was telling me

Last week I struggled with my food and exercise.  I really was not sure what was going on, but it did not feel good.      

I was
     craved carbs
     just wanted to sleep (very unlike me)
     energy levels very low
     felt mildly depressed

Today I went to see my hematologist.  I was a little disappointed to learn that I am anemic again.    I really should not have needed the blood test to tell me this, I HAD ALL THE SIGNS!     

I am learning to listen to my body but still do not always catch the cues that it is physical.  A couple mornings in the last week I did not get up early and go exercise.  My energy was low and I had no push. 

Being kind to myself, not doubting my commitment and not being afraid to do what is best for my body has been scary for me in the past.  Today, I realize I am anemic, I will listen to my body, and do what it takes to take care of my body.  For me that means, add a vitamin, rest a little more, and listen to my body.

So, another lesson learned.

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I am so excited about this new blog.  I so want to live a healthy life and want to learn  what works for you.  I truly believe being healthy starts in our mind and spirit and seeps out to our physical body.  When my mind is thinking clearly and my spirit is charged up I stand taller, I have more confidence, I eat healthier and I want to move.  When I allow negative thoughts to bombard my mind everything seems hopeless, I want to stuff my feelings and cannot make myself get to the gym.

Being balanced is a focus in my own life and I am encouraging my clients to find out what balanced means to them.  Balanced eating and exercise look different at all ages.    Finding what works for you and sharing it will inspire others.  Each week we will explore different areas that we can be balanced in and live a healthy life.

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