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One of my favorite times is Monday morning sipping coffee in bed with Lucy sitting on my lap waiting for a little drop of her morning coffee.  Keith and I discuss the weekend and then talk about the upcoming week.   Somehow focusing on all the good things about the weekend put Monday moaning at bay and I am ready for a great new week.

Some of the things I am thankful for this morning:

Fall is here, my favorite time of  year

fall 2009 022

Back deck

Candace was cute at halloween

fall 2009 003

Candace for Halloween is an 80's Hair girl

Lunch was already made
Dinner is already made
Date with Keith tonight
Date with Keith Friday night was great
Got to see Kayla
Snuggled with Candace and watched TV
House is not to dirty
Laundry is almost caught up (praise be to Keith)
My best bud, Robin, had her annual family Pumpkin carving contest,
              you gotta go look, these people take their pumpkin carving very
             serious, (I missed it, had to work, but at least get to look at the
Yummy pumpkin maple oatmeal for breakfast
Ran Blankets Creek Sunday and got to spend time with friend, Sonia,
           felt close to God and one with nature.
Went to Halloween Party and had a great time (Newlywed Game)
Complimented by my boss
Got  caught up with my friend,  Holly who is an amazing young woman         
               who eats so healthy and is making me try new things
              just because of  her awesome pictures of what she eats.
Faith gave me information to help my blogging pictures come out better!
Got complimented by the boss, made my heart warm
Having coffee with Toni, lunch with Beth and Karen

This weeks line up on the blog:

Exercise:  who needs it?  Who, what, and where?
Recipe:  Wild rice and chicken soup with a host of variations. 
Mind:  Do you mind?  Telling the truth?
Freakin Friday:  Giveaway and quotes (get your favorite quote ready)
Make a list of what you are thankful for and leave it in a comment below!
Love love my friends,

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I lost seventy pounds in nine months six years ago.  People would come in my office at work, close the door, and say, “Okay, exactly what are you doing to lose your weight?”  I would tell them, they would say okay and leave.  My commitment to lose weight at that time was extreme, OCD.  My husband and I had talked and we determine that I would take the next year and dedicate it to me losing the weight.  My life had been about everyone else and it was time for me to concentrate on me.  So in a nutshell here is what I did.

Measured everything I put in my mouth.
Wrote everything that went into my mouth on fitday.com (free site)
             (if I could not tell the calorie content, I did not eat it)
I looked at every label to check the calories, fat, carbs and protein
When I ate out I looked up the nutritional information before I went and decided what I would eat.  If they did not
             have it, I called ahead or asked for the information when I got there.
I did not eat sugar for 9 months.
I ate 30% fat, 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates. 
I ate every three hours from when I got up until I went to bed.
I ate fat, protein and carbs at every meal.
My trainer looked at my fitday daily reports each week.
45 minutes of cardio five days a week.
Weight training with my trainer three times a week for one hour each time.
Heavy weights.
My trainer weighed and measured me every two months.
I journaled almost every day.
No more self defeating statements
Positive affirmation and visualization
Went to counseling to help with body image
I told my trainer my fears and we conquered them one by one.
What did I lose in those nine months:
70 pounds
some friends
years of fears
time at home with my family
years  of failures
lots of sleep (I had insomnia)
my mind at times  (I was obsessive-compulsive about it)
What did I gain:
time with my family  ( I will live longer now)
I can love my husband and  kids better
new friends who want to be healthy also
belief I could conquer my fears
belief I was worthy of taking care of myself
belief that I mattered
love for myself
education on what to eat
education on how to exercise
education on how to treat myself and others
education on how to think
a new career
a scarred but new body
a love for sweating
better sex 🙂
a healthy respect for myself and others
peace (now I sleep great)
my mind–I don’t let negative thoughts control my life
I could go on and on about what I gained.  You ask, Was it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Would I do it again!! Yes.  Do I think there is a better way?   I think there is a less compulsive way, but it was part of my journey.   I am trying to live out  a more balanced approach and encourage my clients to go that route. 
I found that you cannot mantain extreme results without extreme behaviors and that is not how I want to live. I WANT BALANCE!
My approach now to maintain and better myself:
eat moderately
eat nutritiously
exercise five days a week
     4-5 days of cardio, 30 minutes to an hour
    4-5 days of weight lifting
keep working on the transforming of my mind and spirit. 
Losing weight was a short term goal, maintaining it and learning to live a BALANCED, healthy life is a life time journey that I love!!!

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We had a great weekend.  Little bit of this and a little bit of that but not to much of anything.  I am rested and ready for a new week.  My work and responsibilities provide a structure of how my week will play out  time wise but what I eat, when I exercise, and the choices I make are mine to make minute by minute.  Planning makes my choices easier.

I plan my food.  I prepare it, I measure and package it so that when I need to run out the door it is ready to go.  I do not want to be  caught with nothing healthy to eat and a decision to make when I am tired and hungry.   When I am cleaning up dinner and putting away the food I package my lunch right then.  Everything is out and then at 5:00 a.m. the next morning I just grab my bag and go.

I plan my high calorie meals or desserts.  If I want to eat things that are costly in my calorie bank,  I plan for it all day long.  I am not going to eat things and feel guilty and the only way to do that is to plan it and sacrifice during the day.  Most Friday nights I make homemade pizza.  I eat very light all day Friday and never ever have one moment of guilt while I am eating my pizza.   It is not cheating for me, I plan it and enjoy it.

I plan my exercise for the week.  I tell people that if you plan for five days of exercise you will probably get in four.  A child gets sick, you have to run to the dentist,  you get tied up at work, the list of things that can mess with you plan is endless.  They are not excuses–they are life, so I plan for the unexpected and give myself room for life to get in the way.  If I can’t find five times a week to exercise then I look at my schedule and adjust it.

I plan my sleep.  Getting up at 4:00 a.m. consistently can take its toll on your body and your spirit if you do not get enough rest.   Keith pointed out I was getting grouchy on Thursday so I am adjusting my schedule, training people later on Wednesday morning and going in later to exercise.  If you notice, I am still exercising, I just adjusted my schedule.   I TVO programs that I like that come on to late for me.

Studies show that people who do not get enough sleep gain weight and have a hard time losing weight.  Sleep is so important. 

I plan me time.  Tonight I am going down to The Cook’s Warehouse to take a cooking class.  I am the only one in my family who cooks and I am tired of the things I cook so I am going to take classes that will help me fix new things and educate me.  I love cooking, it is my thing, and I am going to expand my skills. 

If I can’t find time to exercise, cook, and sleep my priorities are out of whack, I access and adjust my schedule.

Planning gives me confidence in my choices.  Do you have a plan for your eating, exercise, sleep and me time?

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