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Last week was a great but  week for me.  It was exhausting, emotionally stretching and physically demanding.  By the weekend I was tired and ready to rest.  I slept good and had a great date with my husband.  What I realized while resting is that I had spread myself a little to thin and my house was in disarray and the clutter was going to take over any minute.  I have noticed when the house is messy I don’t want to go home, I don’t want to cook as much and I want to hide in my bedroom.  At first, I whined to myself, but I am tired and need the rest, and then I realized if I wanted to really rest I had to get things in order.

Friday night I put up clothes and organized my closet.  Wow, Saturday my man, Candace and myself  cleaned downstairs.  My energy was rising just from feeling the order in my small little corner of the world.  Sunday morning I worked in the garage and cleaned our fridge.  I was dripping with sweat and beaming a great big smile, now I could rest!  Truthfully, the cleaning was restful to my spirit, it calmed me.  I felt centered again.

Sunday afternoon I took the girls to the pool and relaxed, watched Keith play tennis, did a few loads of laundry and cooked a  great dinner.

This week I am going to be busy taking Candace to cooking school and working.  I am determined to maintain where I have cleaned and work on another little project (the junk drawers in my kitchen).  My family is happy to help because we all feel better when things are in their place.

It is Monday, I am planning and working success.  Is there anything in your life that is lurking, taking away your peace and focus on living a healthy, balanced life?

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