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This weekend there is going to be a lot of candy everywhere you look.   You may have even bought the mega family value pack with a million and one little pieces of candy.  I will be honest,  I was not fat because of candy.  Candy is not my weakness.  If I am going to get weak over a candy it will be an Almond Joy.  So, guess what, I don’t buy any package with Almond Joys in it.  It is the easiest way for me to be successful. 

Candace is going to go trick or treating and she will bring home her candy and pour it out on the table.  This has been our ritual for years:  Pour the candy out.  She puts her very favorites in a ziploc bag, then Kayla and Keith their favorites and then I pick 2-6 pieces that I like.  We all have a baggie of our favorites.  I have always allowed my kids to have candy in moderation so they are not shoveling it in.  We just have one rule:  two pieces a day. 

We donate all the other candy to the school. 

Don’t put undo temptation in your way.  Get rid of your favorites! Make a promise to yourself that you will not eat a piece until you know how many calories is in each serving.  You can go to any candy website and it will give you the nutritional information.  If you decided to eat it, know what you are eating and how much it is going to cost from your calorie bank.   Save yourself from failure and a sense of no control by being on the offensive this Halloween!

I left my list of winners at home so as soon as I get home I will post the winners!  I will tell you a secret–EVERYONE IS A WINNER THIS TIME!!!  The four numbers that Candace picked win their choice and everyone else will get another magnet!!

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