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I got nothing today except excitement.  My eldest, Kayla, is coming home from college to day.  She will be living at home this next year and going to KSU.  We are excited to have her back.  I have a little list to do before she gets home:

1.  Straighten the house (my mom always does when I come home) I want her to feel a Homecoming moment–she is special and we are glad to have her.

2.  Remember to not show to much excitement and overwhelm her.

3.  Make fresh salsa (her favorite)

4.  Remember to not ask to many questions (Keith and I love the details) and aggravate her the first day.

5.  Forget # 2 and 5 because I am a parent and can’t help myself!

6.  Get massage at 3:00.

7.  Make my bed (okay, that was a joke, I only make it when company is coming)

8.  Eat some carbs for dinner, running a 5K with my friend, Karen, down at Atlantic Station tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!!

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